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Are you in one of my choirs? Go to the “Music Resource Centre” page for words, recordings, instrument audio lessons and music sheets. It's a good idea to have a folder on your computer marked "choir" and then save everything there.
Why not have a sub folder for each song?

Looking for details/set lists for any concerts you may be involved in?
Go to “
Concert Information” page.

All my guitar and ukulele lessons can now be found at my other website www.daddylongles.com Here you will find all my other musical stuff - music sheets, video, audio etc. for all the instruments I play. I am no longer teaching the guitar in school (semi-retired) so you can get all this material for free now!


Browser Instructions For Downloading And Keeping Files

If you are using
Internet Explorer/Chrome (Windows PC)
Songs - Left click song title, song opens and you can play it.
Right click play or speaker icon and choose "save video as"
Left click file and it opens in Microsoft Word.

If you are using
Safari (Mac)
Left click song title and the song will play.
Right click song title before you open it and choose "Download Linked File" and the song will download to your Downloads folder.
Left click file and it downloads to your Downloads folder. Find it in there and open it in Microsoft Word.

If you are using
Firefox (Mac)(recommended) - when you right click, choose the "Save Link As" option, you can then download the file to a specified folder on your computer to keep.